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The AFFQ job centre is an innovative, targeted tool that enables employers seeking individuals with skills and experience in the financial industry and related sectors (law, accounting, management, etc.) to advertise their job openings or specific mandates to more than 500 AFFQ members.

How can you let these members know about your job openings?  Simply display your posting on the AFFQ website for four weeks per display.

  • One posting: $350 plus taxes
  • Package of 5 postings: $1,500 plus taxes
  • Corporate package: $3,000 plus taxes for one year of unlimited postings

Board Members Wanted:

Whether you are a private or public company, an NPO or a government organization, we can help you find the qualified board member you need.

We offer three options:

  1. Posting of your opening on our website. You will be asked to fill in a form describing your needs, and a notice of the posting will be emailed to our 600 members. Candidates can then send their applications directly to you.
  2. Liaison service. You will be asked to send us your needs. The nine members of the Women on Boards committee will conduct a search among our bank of 300 members who have indicated an interest to serve as board members. We will verify the candidates' current status and ask those who are interested to write a cover letter. We will then forward you the CVs and cover letters so that you can carry out the rest of the selection process.
  3. A combination of options 1 and 2. 

All of these options are offered free of charge. We simply request that in exchange for our service you provide us with timely feedback about the candidates, regardless of whether they were retained. To take advantage of this service, please contact us by email at

AFFQ members will receive an alert the night following the job posting. You may extend the posting by two weeks for an additional fee. The AFFQ reserves the right to refuse job postiongs that do not correspond to the profile of its members.

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